about us

Poleasingowe.pl is a modern bidding platform, which facilitates the safe purchase of off-lease, off-fleet and foreclosure vehicles, machinery and other equipment at competitive prices. If you’re looking for bargain offers to buy verified equipment or vehicles, please check our offer.

Through our website, you can participate in auctions conducted by leasing companies, banks and other entities, which are in possession of previously leased used fleet vehicles. Register an account to acquire, among others: vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, broadly-defined expert equipment, buses and motorcycles.

The efficiency, transparency and a broad selection of auctions are up for grabs through our bidding platform. We hope that you will shortly have the chance to personally test our system. The poleasingowe.pl platform guarantees:

  • A transparent sales process;
  • Detailed descriptions of offered vehicles and equipment (provided by expert appraisers); and
  • vehicles and equipment at favourable prices with a fair price/quality ratio

We are invariably keen on providing a quick, effective and transparent sales experience on our platform. Therefore, we do our best to make using the platform as convenient as possible. Purchasing off-lease, off-fleet and foreclosure vehicles, machinery and equipment is really easy!

The sales process on our platform is carried out by means of auctioning. Simply registering an account is all you need to start participating in the auctions. As a buyer, you will see the bids placed by other bidders, which allows you to better estimate the maximum bidding price that you are ready to pay for the given item. Auctions take place in two modes:

  • manual bidding: you raise your bids manually each time;
  • bidding with an agent: you indicate the maximum price you are ready to pay for the given item, and the so-called “agent” does the bidding for you, raising the bids gradually to outbid other bidders.

Our platform is the excellent solution for people who are interested in the use of a modern and reliable auctioning system facilitating the easier and quicker purchase of valuable off-lease equipment. We would like to emphasise that our system has been constructed with the use of the most up-to-date IT technology, which guarantees complete safety.